SMS #37 | Renovations – Break The Frame


La Radio is a banging first track, pacing through with a swiftly snappy rhythm and centred around such a simple yet awesome lead hook, and a similar situation comes about with the rad Hey You. Women follows the standard of what makes a rock banger, from the juicy riffs, to the fiery buzz of energy.

Goodbye is a simple entry but still solid enough, however Mine undeniably has a stronger kick behind it and the writing focused on that desperate struggle for attention when you need it most is great. Ragged is characterised by a surreal yet highly entertaining vibe, and the singing has more personality and pomp behind it than ever before, while Dirty Nails is pegged with a gritty feel.

Down The Road is an essential highlight as it resonates with the most palpable emotion up to this point, and the brief Relapse is another track that is weirdly but enjoyably trippy by design. At its peak, Tell Me comes through with a sharp force as well as a stellar blaze of synths, and lastly is the awfully good and eponymous Renovations itself.

The Edinburgh based multi-national trio have done an altogether effective job with their debut album here. While there are a few moments that don’t totally gel and work as a whole, there’s too much here to admire that it doesn’t matter, from the capable performances, to the mixing and variation of approaches, to the pure fun that hits you when the music reaches its optimum level.

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