St Dukes: St Dukes – SMALL MUSIC SCENE


The lead single Animal Glue welcomes the audience into the album in an appealing manner, serving as a nice and gliding tune that is loose, easy, and led on by a pair of sweet harmonies. Take What You Want has a perkier vibe to it and is knotted up by a cool guitar solo and such a fun and memorable chorus, and the buzz is further elevated in a major way with the blusteringly high-spirited Tell Me.

Soft Play makes quite a captivating impression on the lyrical front in regard to the complications of relationships, and the singing shines very strongly once again. Overgrown is divinely wavy in style, and the fresh guitar chords distinctly stick out, then Ours dissects the unpleasant realisation when it becomes clear that you and your partner aren’t thinking and working together on the same wavelength anymore and what can be done to amend the problem.

To Be Home glimmers positively with its wistful words and delivery, and the catchy Modern Culture explores the media’s damaging effects of exploiting and taking advantage of those with outdated viewpoints to maintain control and stamp out anybody of a more progressive echelon that they consider to be a threat.

BPM is a highlight instrumentally speaking, being beyond radiant and sublime, while All See Sense dons such infectious vocal hooks. Corner Cutter is one of the most low-key and gentle numbers of the record and it reels you with its solid drawing power; likewise with the prettily performed and emotionally ringing finale, Don’t Recognise Mine.

After so many years shaping their craft in the Scottish scene, St Dukes have made their most impressive impact to date with a wonderful and endearing debut album that is at one moment plenty relaxing, then the next bursting with a dose of energy, but no matter how they achieve results, it’s always done successfully, and the writing never fails to capture your attention.

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