SMS #34 | Pulse Park – Phonac Music


Antibody is a smashing choice for an opener, spouting out a lot of energy with this lively vibe that gets you stimulated with ease. The catchy lead single Sine Wave is similarly proficient for that matter, featuring a strong combo of lyrics, singing and a fun rhythm which all work well together in unison.

Icaric ups the power game a bit with its persistently thumping drum beats, and the writing is the key element of Strange Matter, discussing that sense of feeling stuck in a looping life seemingly without any alternatives to pursue which would definitely be a better path to follow.

Apollonian Herat moves to a nicely swaying guitar melody and even throws in a bright and buzzing solo, then the guys go all-out for their most staggering and energised cut yet in the form of Aspairt, and that pulse (no pun intended) remains very much alive and spirited in the equally infectious Factory Fire.

The Equidistance dials it down a little for something of a slightly darker shade of sorts, as demonstrated in the soft, reserved harmonies and the emphasised bass tones, but still not without its vivid bursts as per the exciting riff displays. Realtime is chilled and sublime, and is another song that delivers from a lyrical standpoint, about just taking a moment to observe and appreciate what you have surrounding you, and in a stylishly smooth fashion, A Constant plays us out.

After a couple of decently fruitful years, the German-Canadian hodgepodge have raised the bar with this vibrant debut album, where they effortlessly mesh together the kinetic kick of alternative rock with the dreamy waves of shoegaze.

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