SMS #33 | The DT’s – You With Me


White T-Shirt is easy-going to start with, especially with the relatively smooth guitar chords on hand. The chorus hooks you in, and the writing focusing on the uncertain anxieties behind maintaining a relationship makes a snappy impression, then the title track sees a boot up in the overall energy and the vocals displaying more pep and moxie than before.

The intro of Need You goes into a laidback acoustic direction, but the duo pick it up as they progress along with neat electric riffs and firm beats entering the fray and building layer upon layer, and Tina is a nicely glowing, dainty and catchy song that rounds up the record on a very positive high note.

The New Jersey pop-rock pairing have pulled through with quite the solid debut EP featuring tunes that are bright in tone, performed sufficiently, and headed by charmingly romantic lyrics across the board that leave you gleaming with a grin on your face.

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