SMS #30 | Signs Of Progress – The Static Hero


Count The Bruises makes for a bright and gleeful first entry, where the multiple harmonies are on great form, the verses are darted through at a fast and fun clip leading into an elating chorus, and the lyrics are positively inspiring and encourage you to not look back and push on forward.

The guitars are given more focus on the second cut, Black And White, with the hardened riffs being the driving force behind the active melody, and the singing efforts are doubled here, with an extra dosage of passion clear for all to see that only kicks up the investment level.

And capping off the treble of tunes is Gossip, which retains a similar sense of excitement as before, and the writing hits the mark effectively enough, touching upon other people’s insecurities and desperate attempts to bring down others through childish chatter and the like.

This EP from the Florida pop punk posse has turned out fab results. Now granted, I’d be hard-pressed to call it the most original release you’ll encounter in the genre, but that doesn’t matter a bit because the band’s dedicated devotion amps up their music with such life and energy that it makes this an undisputed must-listen.

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