SMS #29 | Book Klub – When The Water Comes I Want To Sink


Fluorescent bell and string noises ring in the air to signal the beginning of The Moon, The Moon, which is hauntingly and beautifully ambient throughout, and then the boys kick it up in Life Of Me, with a vibrant melody, dashing chorus and polished vocals boosting their music with an enjoyably resonant pulse.

A mysterious semblance is generated as they proceed onto Siren Song, which is at first a spellbinding low-key number before they crank it up so suddenly with a whole new fiery edge that only amps up the attraction, and lastly is Pines, again utterly compelling with its entrancing vibes, especially in the lyrics, then making that transformation into rousingly bustling territory to culminate on a rushing high.

Scotland is absolutely choc-a-bloc with a tonne of talent in the post-punk/new wave department, and Book Klub have proven themselves to belong with the best of the best courtesy of this ravishing debut EP that hopefully indicates bigger and better things for the group beyond the horizon.

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