The 121s: Wired To The Moon – SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Curiosity stirs highly as the titular number begins with an unbelievably infectious rhythm made of rumbling bass tones and thick drum beats that are built upon, leading to what is ultimately a great opener, but the guitars properly get to break out of their shells in stylish fashion in the next entry, Hola Hello, where the highlight is the smashing and unforgettable chorus that you’ll be trying so hard to resist just belting out along to.

My Beautiful Mind has a perky tone to it which ideally links up to the positive lyrics that are animated through frontman Nick’s hearty performance ringing with full-blown love and legitimacy; Green leaves an impression in the same vein, while Nature’s Callings swells along with a slower and steadier melody mixing electric and acoustic riffs as the emotions continue to push through to the forefront.

Fashion satisfies big time with its exotically groovy chords that are present non-stop from beginning to end; a trend that recurs moving into The Invention Of God, where the lyrics strike with its focus on faith and how people let their actions and overall lives be defined by their beliefs before considering simple common sense.

Reloveution In Our Head resonates with warmth, and Your Eminence is another notably strong-written cut about wanting to support and improve the life of another. A New Decade is pretty simple but is quite catchy all the same, and to finish us off is With Life There’s Hope which leaves you with a much needed reminder that with all the negativity on this planet, no matter how bad it gets, there’s always the littlest ray of hope immersed in there somewhere that we should strive to follow.

Naturally, given the ever-growing audience and hype surrounding The 121s, expectations were high for this album but the Dundee indie-Mod trio have impeccably knocked it out of the park, presenting an undoubtedly passionate record that is lyrically profound and sonically adept, altogether making for one of the definitive Scottish releases of 2022.

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