SMS #26 | Ophelia’s Eye – Hopeless World


The guys charge full steam ahead to get opening number My Honor off to a respectably rocking start and more or less maintain that throughout, complete with brutish growls and tasty guitar solos. F*ck My Trust kicks off easy going enough, but it’s not long before they return to their dynamic standards and don’t hold back calling out those who have been deceitful towards them, ending up in being left in the dirt, and they get that across quite well, especially in the strong chorus.

The title track is initially calm, floating along with some nice smooth chords, before the strength is restored and we get treated to another solid banger with a diversifying rhythm concerning the endless negativity that we all seem to be surrounded in. The drumming is on seriously tight and remarkable form across the duration of Human Abyss, and the power levels are properly upped in I’m Explosive, where the band go all out and accelerate their performances to dish out a totally rip-roaring cut, which then seamlessly flows through into the equally palpable Pain And Sorrow; the ideal choice to serve as the fast and furious climax.

All in all, Ophelia’s Eye have made a firm and ample impression through this record, with the Swiss troupe initiating a heck of a good time for any metal funs tuning in while also penning lyrics that definitely ring with a forthright validity.

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