Nonsun: Blood & Spirit – SMALL MUSIC SCENE


A Wizard Grieving commences at a very patient clip, and then a couple of minutes in suddenly erupts and hits you hard with sturdy riffs, echoing drums and this incredibly effective and perception of unbridled doom and gloom, and that feeling only escalates as the time rolls on. That Which Does Not Kill begins with the outright weighty aggression from the offset, and somehow even then they manage to raise the bar to empathetically bewildering proportions, between the deep grueling roars, the frankly insane rhythms, and everything else that they can muster.

Days Of Thunder Bring New Wisdom gives us more of those impressive guitar displays and fascinating droning vibes that bolster the surrounding atmosphere, before changing gears in the latter third, settling down with loose bass tones and beats which eventually come to a satisfying head. Guilt, Disgust, Disaster is another solid entry which generates some of the moodiest and most downcast vibes of any song yet, making for a subtly hellish soundscape, and the late addition of strings only elevates it.

The opening organs of In Your Eyes, I’m A Cripple define the disposition; an abrupt silence then occurs, after which a lucid sensation comes over, then before you know it, the guys link up and storm in with one final hefty attack to close out what is ultimately a strong and stiff record from the Ukrainian post-metal outfit that is simultaneously a heavy rocking trip and quite often akin to a diffusing out-of-body experience bordering a nightmare.

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