SMS #25 | Doghouse – Going Out Out


The jubilant opening seconds of Not I quickly make way for some scruffy, pounding techno beats that are mighty catchy and get the head pumping back and forth while Jason gladly exposes those looking for an excuse to get angry and offended without having the slightest clue what the hell they are talking about. Bad Acid assuredly lives up to its name, serving as a weird and lucid trip that, admittedly, could’ve probably been cut down by a minute or so but is still a decent enough piece.

Things properly get rolling again with Your Mother Knows Best, complete with a snappier pace, a contagious rhythm, an utterly addictive chorus, amusingly peculiar singing, and more enjoyable lyrics, this time taking a stab at people who are stuck letting themselves be defined by what others tell them instead of choosing to be independent and think freely, and wrapping up the record is the title track which goes off the rails into a fun and cracking bout of delirious hysteria.

Going Out Out is yet another entertaining and suitably mental addition to the catalogue of the Cardiff madman, who you can always rely on for some satisfyingly mind-warping material.

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