Treasvre: Stick The Knife In – SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Run Away has you sold right from the offset, where the shimmering electronics actually fit quite well with the clashingly rugged guitars; it’s an admirable blend of differing styles that makes for something both melodic and robust, and on top of that, we also get stellar harmony work and such a freaking catchy hook.

Letting Nature Run Its Course is just as investing and is defined by an even darker sonic tone than before with a consistent display of sweet riffs throughout the tune and a brief but fun flurry of drum beats in the closing moments. Face In The Crowd begins on a quiet and pensive feel before exploding into an infectious stream of energy, and that ideally matches up to the lyrical theme concerning the desire to break free and stand out true and proud.

The title number is handily the most restrained cut of the bunch initially, which evokes a strong atmospheric vibe that has you seized, thanks in major part to the soft-spoken vocals spilling a lot of hurt and emotion into the lyrics, and they eventually rack up the strength for something a bit more intense and even more captivating, after which, ominous bass notes and chords provide a bridge into the heartfelt, spectral and unforgettable closing piece, I Just Want To Be Loved.

The San Francisco Bay quintet deliver in spades here on a record that manages to warp between a series of different genres with ease, get you excited one minute and sucked in the next, and most importantly garner the exact required reaction to the engaging and earnest writing.

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