SMS #22 | Ali Slater – LUS!D


Without You sets things in motion very nicely, where in a sonically steady fashion Ali confidently makes it crystal clear that getting rid of her romantic interest was not much of a difficult task when she came to realise not only how much of a toxic anchor he was, but also that she can make it through life as an independent force. The buzz truly gets fired into gear with the highly intoxicating Over It, a wonderfully lively pop-rock anthem that is catchy, driven by Ali’s fiery and positive vocals, and putting a bow on the themes from before.

Ring Shopping is a solid cut with a nice dashing of background strings all about exposing lies and any lack of true loving feelings, Kiss In The Rain features another marvellous chorus and captures that want for mutual goals which evidently can be tricky to come by, and lastly but sure as hell not least is the titular track, and holy god freaking damn, talk about an insanely electrifying, off-the-charts song which gets you up off your feet into a crazed dancing frenzy; it’s contagious beyond words.

Ali Slater may have single-handedly released the absolute best debut record of 2022 so far, I’m not kidding. The New Yorker has done just about everything right on this EP, from the excitement generated by her tunes, to the zeal streaming from her performances, to the stellar writing which will undeniably connect with a female audience while giving a particular selection of male listeners a much-needed education.

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