SMS #21 | Slippery Trashmouf – Smiley Nonsense


Goon exhibits a lot of mental turmoil in the opener Still Broke, where he finds himself trapped in cycles of medication and the like whilst doing all he can to survive, doing this and that while making compromises, yet he remains in a financial struggle; a perfectly timed release given the recent rise of living costs.

LungRot digs deeper into his addictions that have been dragging him down and creating an ongoing sense of helplessness, and meanwhile, he’s having a hard time trying to put on a happy face when the pain is eating him alive from the inside out. The last of the tracks Sloppy continues the prior themes while hitting the mark with a catchy production, and Kevin Breadknife makes a distinct impression with his input.

Smiley Nonsense is handily the best Slippery Trashmouf record since he came to my attention through What The F*ck back in 2020, as he remains one of the most honest and respectfully objective rappers on the Scottish scene who isn’t afraid to shy away from his personal issues and predicaments.


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