SMS #20 | Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son – We Go On


A dose of bright and flashy guitar chords get Moth To The Flame up and rolling, and from there the tune is nothing less than energetically bobbing and positively pulsing, topped off by a cool chorus and Bobby’s great vocal work. The main hook of Take What You Can Get is ungodly catchy and addictive, the riffs and rhythm pairing have an added raw edge behind them, and the lyrics are engaging, making for an altogether enthralling belter that is out of this world.

No Amens In This Van is a little reeled back in comparison but is just as riveting and the writing continues to be good, diving into the stresses that naturally come with the pursuit of music. Lay It On Me brings it all the way down for a really pleasant stripped back ballad that is quite romantic and smile-inducing, showing appreciation for having a source of love even through the roughest of spells, and the title track wraps up things in a decently solid manner.

The latest EP from the New Jersey alt rock squad is an all-around smashing effort that seeks to excite as much as it seeks to unravel some personal feelings, and in both cases, Bobby and co simply kill it.

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