SMS #18 | Tranzat – Ouh La La


Literally, the millisecond your finger clicks on that play button, you’re greeted with a blinding barrage of noise which opens up Shall We Dance, and as you’d probably guess, it’s a bloody tremendous off-the-rails banger that possesses your body to flail along wildly without as much of a second thought, but that’s only the beginning, for next is Lobster Beaujolais, the most epic operatic piece to ever grace the airwaves based on a crustacean, which as we all know is the finest of the mainstream musical genres.

Mr Awesome commences like a soft and sweet ballad, but of course that doesn’t last for long as they kick it back up for another great rocker, and the same can be said for Climbing Tibetan Mountains, where the vocal ensembles work damn well, plus it comes with a hint of atmosphere lurking in there too which fits with the subject fine enough.

Lord Dranula is a spectacularly frantic and full-frontal belter, further highlighted by, again, the singing which reaches its greatest and most impressive peak yet, and the guitar work is something to behold too, and if that wasn’t enough, they even somehow manage to squeeze in an excerpt of Happy Birthday, as you do.

Morning Glories is another solid entry with a robust rhythm section hoisting it up, and that factoid rings even truer in the aggressive and lyrically entertaining My Dear Washer. Contrary to what the title may suggest, Pillow Flight is a loud, hefty and psychotic assault from bell to bell, and soon they conclude with what is handily the most poignantly written song on this record, Global Warning.

This third album from Tranzat served as my personal introduction to the French metal band, and goddamn, have I been missing out, but all the same, I’m grateful to have jumped on the hype train now, because this is one of the most dynamic, sizable, humorous and on the whole phenomenal albums I’ve endured in recent memory, and it goes without saying that these guys could do with the extra publicity.


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