SMS #19 | Seek Harbour – Far From Home


You know this is going to be a great record as soon as we get the first taste of the lead harmonies in Dagger Like Eyes, which feature both a broad pitch and a legitimate emotional punch, and this is also abundantly present in the contrastingly harsher and equally effective yells, and the pairing get across well the falling apart of an unhealthy relationship. Wolves inspires to let go of the past and finally rid yourself of those who have constantly hurt you and let you down, with it now being time to strive for a prosperous future complete with your independence, and also the chorus is really good stuff and quite memorable.

The title track validly chronicles being caught in such a state of regularity that then comes that fearful knot in your stomach when a major change is forced upon you and you need to take the plunge into newer unfamiliar territory. Lastly, TY (FBMH) is an incredibly heartfelt and delicate number which continues the themes of before, learning to accept that everything is different now while showing gratitude for your loved one for the progress achieved up to this point and how that’s going to help push you forward for the better.

It really is a hefty task trying to determine if there’s any other outfit in the entire English hardcore scene that can match up to the purity and the authenticity that Seek Harbour bring to their content. From beginning to end, the Far From Home EP is powerfully sentimental and immensely upfront, unafraid to dig deep and actually get a few tugs in at your heartstrings, and surely any band able to accomplish that must be doing something right.

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