SMS #16 | Violet Blend – Demons


The outfit don’t waste any time straying away from the excitement as the catchy opening track Rock DJ starts the record off with a sizzling bang. Thick clanking beats drive underneath the surface of the assertive He Said He Was Pregnant and its dig into unscrupulous gaslighting.

The singing is a key essential part of emphasising the lyrics of Among All These Fools inspiring for folk to carve their own path and not to be dragged down by others who’ll hold you back, and that personal touch remains vital of I’m Only Happy When I’m Drunk, reflecting on that awful attraction to alcohol in order to escape reality only for even worse results to occur.

The energy becomes rejuvenated in Need, similarly too in Morning with the instrumental performances stepping up and the vocals at their most emotionally zestful yet, and sweet, top notch basslines carry forth the great rhythm of Pray which is knotted by a pretty memorable chorus. La Donna Mobile is a rocking cut where the guitars get a chance to shine, and fresh off that is Earth, hands down the heaviest and most thrilling number of the package yet.

Muoio In Un Bicchiere serves as a return to the more heartfelt content, and successfully so, with nice singing, gentle chords and pleasant piano keys making up this fantastic ballad. Smell Like The Hospitals Is another well-written piece that sparks bad past memories, A Part Of Me has a dynamic kick to it, and the group take us home stylishly with In Mezzo Ai Folli.

The Italian alt-metal crew came to deliver a quality album, and that mission is very much accomplished here, with the final result coming equipped with an efficiently balanced mix of cool, stimulating anthems and lyrically wholehearted tunes.


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