SMS #17 | Cosmic Ninja – Dissident Transmission


Within mere seconds of kicking off Lies, the quartet fire it up big time and get a rollicking energy on the go with a mixture of devoted vocals and a catchy and bouncing chorus, but it’s the lyrics that make the strongest impact, knowing full well they’re not stupid enough to miss the obvious truth behind all the gaslighting and blame-shifting.

The buzz is then amplified twofold with the freaking awesome By Design and its pairing of sensational synths shooting in all directions and a dynamic rhythm, generating a great anthem perfectly fit for not resting on your laurels and stepping up to take on the unjust system head first.

Without much of a moment to grab a breath, they next dive straight into Snake Eyes, which is somehow even more exhilarating, but to their advantage, it helps pull the listener into the rebellious and defiant themes all the more, and they deliver one final dose of courageous inspiration with the equally jubilant We Got Up.

The self-proclaimed “rock ravers” from Bristol have taken their music to an entire new level as of late. All four tracks are palpably breath-taking both performance-wise and from a production standpoint, and the writing makes a hell of an impression with little difficulty. The latest EP from Cosmic Ninja is staggering beyond words and never ceases to be amazing even after umpteen listens.

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