SMS #13 | Tyrannosaurus Nebulous – Tyrant Lizard King


Get Some makes the best kind of first impression, riling you up with its infectious classic rock buzz, and that pulse rolls on through into Underdog where the riffs have a distinctly crunchier edge to them and the lyrics are pretty solid. The next gear is truly well achieved in Lead Foot, with the tempo battered up and the guys giving it everything in your souls to bring us an awesome, banging belter of a track. Hate You may drive at a slower, blues-focused pace than before, but how could you possibly resist stamping along to the sweet beat?

The band’s latest single Deal With My Evil is certainly the deepest selection of the record so far, with what is a transparent and honest unveiling of inner mental demons, among other things, that are being battled on a daily basis in order to strive for the better, and Raw Deal shares a similarly provocative mindset, and good lord, the solos are freaking rad. Auto Pilot manifests just how worryingly easy that alcohol can take a hold on you and serve as your guide into the wrong direction, and afterwards we get another triumphant, energetic expo with Magnetar.

But brace yourself, it’s not over yet, as the group have still to deliver the most stupendous climax imaginable in the form of the TLK trilogy; Extinction initiates quietly but gradually builds in strength before unleashing into a wild flurry. Retaliation has more restraint to it but still remains quite punchy as it maintains the vigour, eventually coming to a head with the sweeping and divergent Redemption.

Well well well, the Stourbridge team have really outdone themselves here, dispensing an hour long bustling ride that is equally successful in creating the quintessential rock experience while also not being afraid to delve into more personal content which is certain to leave a lasting mark.


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