SMS #10 | Voltstorm – Voltstorm


C.O.D. is a real cool opener to get the record going, where there’s a definite vibrancy behind the vocal work, the riffs and rhythms are on proper solid form, and the lyrics are pretty good and spark that little something inside to stand up for yourself.

Things gets juicier as the raw heaviness is upped a notch in One Life, with the guitars in particular impressing with a greater vitality this time around, and the chorus is a lot of fun too. The Game is comparably reeled back in nature, but again the singing glimmers astoundingly and really does a lot to draw you deep into the song, and also having a couple of nifty solos tends to help matters.

The style of Mind Control is consistently mixed up throughout its playtime, making for an enjoyably diverse and ever-changing listen, then Rebel is as sonically straight-forward as it gets, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t dynamic and catchy as hell. No Surrender commences with a glassy choral intro before diving into one final charge of ample energy to wrap up the mini-album on a seriously fulfilling note.

The London metal outfit have made a killing with their debut record, where they take advantage of the heaps of prior experience they’ve acquired in the biz to deliver an electrifying, high-octane product that’ll hopefully earn them the attention they quite clearly deserve.


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