SMS #12 | Tom Savage – 21st Century Lo-Fi


Right Where You Found Me makes for a solid starter for ten and is effective in reflecting that fear of becoming trapped and stuck in one place in life while the world quickly moves ahead around you, but on the flip side, I’m Beginning is considerably more positive and inspiring, both sonically and lyrically, in light of finally feeling free and confident in yourself, ready to truck on and properly live.

Another Time has a likeably laidback vibe to it, and fits well around the theme of looking back on nostalgia’s past, plus the guitar solo is just sublime, and The One I Wouldn’t Let In has a good melody in its own right. We’ve Outgrown Everything features a memorable lead hook and again the guitar work presents an excellent display, and the emotions are as pure and legitimate as they come in the highly gripping In The Evening Glow.

The record’s lead single Down Here is perhaps the best of the entire lot, where everything just clicks: it’s catchy as heck, the added synths are cool, the singing is on its best form, and the lyrics represent what an absolute mess the economy has fallen into, and this is followed up by another noteworthy highlight, the closing tune Something Real, which is thoughtful and will certainly be stuck in your brain long afterwards.

I’ve had the privilege of discovering various new talents hailing from Canada in this year alone, but Tom Savage may just be the very best to emerge thus far, and with an album as adept, as diverse, as spurring and overall as remarkable as 21st Century Lo-Fi, that shouldn’t come as much of a shock.


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