SMS #8 | Colours Of One – Vessels


The Welsh alt rock crew gently and pleasantly ease their way through the intro cut Like Icarus Did, before at last kicking it into next gear with Crater’s Lip, loaded with a pretty decent sense of energy and topped off with a memorable chorus, and we get more of that same vibe in Eden, with an extra little punch to the harmonies and the lyrics making a better impression.

The guitar work and rhythm section display an added resonating clout in Nail In The Cause, making for a song sure to get you bopping your head, especially when they go all in during the exciting closing moments. When at full vim in Bones Of Hope, the singing oozes a lot of passion, and said passion more or less covers the entire gamut of the stellar blitzing banger To The River.

After that mental rush, they take the perfect opportunity to tune it down and present the pleasing and fairly emotional stripped back Stay Awake. They gradually roll back up in the early goings of Haunts, from which they restore the previous pulse and give us something both catchy and lasting.

The addition of brass helps to elevate the sound and overall buzz of Things That Have Learned To Walk which, as it progresses, becomes one hell of a mighty epic-scaled number that’ll shoot you out of your seat, and those thrilling sensations proceed non-stop straight through Runaway, Control and Faithful, all coming to a head in the heartfelt and well-written We Take Care Of Our Own.

Many years in the making and only improving with every listen, Vessels is a very solid, stacked and satisfying effort from the guys who are incredibly versed in taking the listeners on one heck of a blistering rollercoaster when it’s called for.


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