Awkward Family Portraits: Dear Old West – SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Snakes & Ladders is a more or less solid way to start, if anything nicely incapsulating the vibe of, what else but the album’s namesake, the “dear old west”. Can You Set This Demon Free is where things truly get going though, as it is an incredibly memorable piece thanks to the fiercely infectious guitar/string combos, the humorous writing, and just such a charming personality in general.

Ojos Rojos is highlighted by pleasing trumpets, a laidback beat and enjoyable vocal work, Sugar, Honey, Coca-Cola is wonderfully harmonious and the chief words quickly get glued into your brain, and Don’t Know Where It Goes will satisfy the wistful and hopeless romantics of the world.

After a series of low-key selections, These Four Walls is littered with terrific fast-paced sequences that’ll get you kicking your heels, and All Out Of Luck shows off some lean chords of the distinctly rock variety. La La Bodega is the quintessential track that reflects best the theme of the record, ranking as a pure old folk song with engaging lyrics that you and your friends can merrily sing around the campfire underneath the stars.

The Boy That Never Cried and Little Diamond both pull you in with their mellow and serene settings, and afterwards, the lads ride off into the sunset in captivating fashion via The Grand Ole Equestrian Ditty, and with that comes to an end an engrossing album which certainly takes you on a wee journey guaranteed to put a smile on your face by the time it’s over.


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