SMS #4 | Youth Illusion – Seeking Answers In Silence


An explosive wave gets the opening track Pops off to a promising start, and that heat is well maintained through an ongoing charge of energy and a great chorus, then fresh off that, Brother gets you headbanging from the offset and subsequently the guys draw you in deeper with the nice, heartfelt writing reflecting the positive connection with loved ones.

The lyrical content quickly becomes a regularly defining element as displayed in the fervently captivating Down, which entail the bid to rise above from the depths of mental strain and negativity, plus it gives us one really memorable hook in the middle fit for audience participation.

Help Me To Believe is a smashing number and the catchiest of the lot yet, with a nifty guitar solo squeezed in as a cheeky bonus, then the lyrics take centre stage once more for the highly relatable Insecure which paints a picture of how bad experiences can take quite the toll on your overall self-confidence and such.

Wrapping up as they entered through the jamming and hard-hitting Blood On My Hands, the London alt-rockers have noticeably stepped up their games since their initial debut, delivering a quality sophomore effort which proves that they are not to be underestimated in the slightest.


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