SMS #3 | Megan Black – Deadly Is The Woman


Megan wastes no time jumping into the quality content as she commences with Sweet Bisexual, a cool number dotted by such a sweet bass line and guitar chords while headed by merely the first of multiple superb lyrical displays; in this case, contemplating the need to put such black-and-white labels on somebody’s sexuality. Maybe After All is paced by an easy-going grooving rhythm which is considerably fired up a notch in the latter half, with Megan’s vocals simultaneously raising the bar too.

As the title suggests, Freedom Belongs To Him puts a spotlight on the inequality of the patriarchy and how men are able to get away with negative behaviour, while women unnecessarily take a kicking for less, then Does That Make Me Eve? is such a pure and suave blues-rock number which effectively thrives in its live session element.

Then we come to the definitive highlight – San Francisco – lyrically speaking, making an impact connecting with those who strive to feel like they’re in a place they truly belong in life, while sonically, it’s a belter of a track that is ridiculously catchy and pulsating with soul and spirit. Similarly, What Else Am I Good For? gets you shifting and dancing as it does well to tackle the subject of examining your self-worth when others make you feel lesser

The Wooden Woman is a beautiful slow-tempo piece drizzling with atmosphere, which also perfectly describes the final song The Subtleties Of Sadness but extra amplified, being so luscious and haunting and making such a powerful impression on you as you make your leave.

When I first saw Megan Black live at King Tuts in 2019, I knew she was special, but holy moly, I really underestimated just how special. I had high hopes for Deadly Is The Woman, and yet my expectations were still blown out of the water.

This is about as flawless as a debut album gets: the writing is deep, truthful and unforgettable, the production is top notch, the band performances are swell, and Megan is on killer form throughout. This will handily rank as one of the best Scottish records of 2022, no doubt at all, and it reminded me exactly why I dedicated my life to the local music scene in the first place.


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