SMS #2 | Palm Friends – The Delivery


The group quickly get cosy with the opener Hidden Perks which, alongside establishing a pleasing indie pop sound, has you taking notice with its lyrics in relation to feeling unsure of yourself and trying needlessly hard to forcefully concoct a “better image”.

Light Pink instrumentally is so lush and silky, mainly due to the cool and chilled guitar chords, but then things considerably quieten down for Quarter Century, which only heightens your curiosity as they create a magnetic, dreamy atmosphere and in not too long get you totally cinched, courtesy of the compelling words and the emotionally-fuelled harmonies.

Having reach that primal high point, the quartet keeps that momentum ripe with the investing Mile End, which features a lot of soul in the performances across the board, in turn giving us the likes of a wonderful chorus and a neat conclusive guitar solo, and subsequently in excellent fashion, Devotion details a nice romantic commitment that holds together despite the inevitable ups and downs.

And following that, they cap off with the plucky multi-tempo Domino, thus wrapping up an incredibly enticing and legitimately connectable debut record from the Minneapolis troupe who rank among the most promising newcomers of the American scene as of late.


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