Oversense: Egomania – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

German melodic metal outfit Oversense launch into a sweet, furious charge with the opening Toast To The Devil, coming complete with an awesome rocking chorus. The Longing is where an epic quality becomes present, mainly as a result of the symphonic direction and the use of grand vocal ensembles.

Be adds an extra punch with hammering drum beats and the like, and Herma of Sick N Beautiful sneaks in for an excellent accompanying appearance on the mic. My Eden is a swiftly paced heavy hitter and the most thunderous yet, and Tear Me Down has a noticeably darker, edgier feel to it, and the grungier singing matches that tone quite well.

Then we get hands down the best writing to this point with Love, which is emotional and melancholy and effectively garners sympathy, and it’d be a safe bet that a few listeners can relate to the themes of this one. Afterwards, the energy begins to empathically roar back with the colossal Faith, and the harmonically extravagant Ulli Perhonen is just plain great here

Rave In Hell infectiously kicks ass, with focal points including the prominent synths and the cool lyrics, then in a snap they fly straight into the blazing Antisocial with radical riffs galore. Memories is nice and sentimental, and the group go all in across all areas with the climatic Extinction.

The quartet’s second album Egomania is a breath-taking result defined by a magnificent scale which carries through each of the numbers that get your hairs on end and highly invested with little trouble.

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