The Cocktail Slippers: Shout It Out Loud! – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

Norwegian troupe Cocktail Slippers are thoroughly proud of their feminine ways and rightfully celebrate that through their incredibly infectious music. Their latest album Shout It Out Loud sure isn’t any different in that fact.

In an instant, the ladies show off their personalities and carefree attitudes with the raw She Devil, mainly through their wonderful voices, while getting a major buzz flowing through the audience. Be The One begins calmly but quickly gains momentum and in time ends up rocking the joint, and City On Fire is the most energetic of the lot so far, headed by a bitching chorus.

The awesomely devilish vocals are the focal point of Say My Name and help it to stand out from the pack, plus it’s catchy as hell and has a juicy, head-bopping rhythm shipping it along, while You And I advances at a lucid tempo and is encapsulated within this thick, translucent ambience that is lusciously pleasing to the ears.

Night Train is bold and bubbly, and Like A Song Stuck In My Head is a fitting title because it’s sure to do as it says on the tin. I’ll Be Here For You is another warm ballad that is snug and holds you tightly with its wholesome, intimate writing. They return to the loud and large output with Excuse Me, before making their exit with a mighty bang via the contagiously feverish Hush.

The Cocktail Slippers’ most recent collection of tunes can be favourably compared to a massively fun, upbeat party that is a blast throughout, even including a few minutes dedicated to getting close and personal, so all in all, you get the complete package.

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