Supa & Da Kryptonites: Nothing Lasts 4 Eva – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

The group bust out of the gates fast and furiously with Fight; Supa taking lead with his rhymes flying at such an impressively insane tempo that your head will be in a spin, but they reel back the pace to a satisfying medium for the title track, which features a chilled beat, and a solid production in general for that matter, while the lyrics hit the mark quite well.

Footprints In The Snow is another catchy song with a good chief hook courtesy of the wonderful KEL, and Supa particularly shines vocally as he gets open and personal, strongly bringing to life unfortunate private truths of a relationship that has fallen into tatters.

Following on from the aftermath of that is Hurting, which fitly captures a dark and depressive mood, especially with G Mungersdorf’s top notch performance involved, and completing the puzzle is I Understand Your Needs, serving as a necessary epiphany and in turn apology where wrongdoings are realised and admitted to, and huge changes are to be made.

Supa & Da Kryptonites have put aside their usual sound riddled with ska influences for a record that is focused more towards plain and simple hip hop, and the decisive result of Nothing Lasts 4 Eva is something more raw, transparent and story driven, and honestly, I consider it a welcome breath of fresh air as a mix up to their standard buzz-inducing material.

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