Rianne Downey: Fuel To The Flame – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

It takes little time and effort for Rianne to get you cosy in your seats as she commences with Stand My Ground, a pleasing upbeat tune with an infectious kick and a superb chorus highlighted by a dashing of excellent, fired up harmonies. Do Or Die has a wonderfully soft and suppressive guitar melody that is so easy-going beyond words, and naturally Rianne’s vocals emphasises said element.

Start Again is an incredibly wholesome song which practically serves as a two and a half minute therapy session, where Rianne encourages to not drag yourself down and feel bad about past events, but instead to get back on your feet and focus on building a positive future, fresher and more alive than ever before, and in a similar vein, the title track reiterates that life is indeed short and it’s best to move on and stray away from negativity.

It seems a little like beating a dead horse at this point, but the fact bears repeating that Rianne Downey is an outstanding artist who is capable of so much, especially if the superlative Fuel To The Flame EP is anything to go by. Give it time, and we may very well be seeing Scotland’s next major country-pop superstar unfold right in front of us.

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