Night Thieves: Spiral – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

English rock trio Night Thieves are a wonderful humble rock trio currently making the rounds and doing a solid job as of late. They’re worth checking out, and you can make a start by digging into their fresh new Spiral EP.

Atoned is an ideal starter course, coming equipped with the likes of raw and durable vocals, great riffs, a clanging rhythm section, and a nice chorus; the range of essentials you’d expect from an act of this description.

The energy continuously runs on healthy form with Off The Wire, which efficiently sways between calmer paced sections and the usual head-banging fare, with the hooks and attention-grabbing lyrics helping in that regard.

Each tune only gets better in quality, and that rings true for the third and final of the batch, Figure It Out, which has a cool, driving bassline punching through underneath, and at its whopping peak, this gets really catchy and aggressive, firing you up big time and eventually leaving you on cloud nine when it’s over.

While not going to go down as a staggering all-time classic obviously, Spiral still fits perfectly into the “simple but effective” category, with Night Thieves bringing their best to thrill and entertain the audience, with a hunger for more in the future.

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