The intro track sets the scene very nicely, with Bemz making it clear that he has all the confidence in the world and will not hold back flashing his successes and his fellow teammates that stand loyally by his side.

Then with the M4 Freestyle, he kicks it into second gear with swift and snappy lyrics alongside the immensely talented X while the slick production matches the fiery pace.

The brisk tempo is maintained with Trappin, where Bemz and Just Easy are flat out spitting their intense breakneck verses deflecting the folk doing whatever they can to mess them about, with little respect for their honest grafting and grinding, and there’s an undeniable boosted layer of aggression with Know No Better.

In My Feelings is the most candid cut yet, with Bemz in tow with Washington being truthful about the different kind of person he becomes when stuck down the path of drugs and booze, and how he’s making the effort to avoid that in order to stay on the straight and narrow and achieve his goals.

On that note, His Story dives more into that absolute need to break the habit and be laser-sharp focused on breaking the glass ceiling, with Bemz making the most of the little he has available.

But with all the negativity tackled throughout this EP, he wraps up on a positive light via 26, reflecting on how far he has come, how grateful he is for the blessed life he has been guided to, and how he’s pushing himself to go all in for the sake for his family; his greatest priority.

Bemz made a definitive impact with Saint Of Lost Causes last year, showing off plenty of potential, but he has indisputably taken it to the next level with this record. Lyrically personal, emotionally deep and sonically ace, M4 is from bell to bell a superior product. Bemz is unmistakably right up there among the hip hop elite in Scotland as we speak, and things are only going to elevate from here on out for the chosen one.

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