Life Model: Lost On Weekdays, Lonely By Sunday – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

I’ve been following Glasgow dream poppers Life Model for a good 6 or 7 years, but I feel like I’ve never given them enough of a spotlight in that timeframe, which is a travesty given their talents. Thankfully, with the recent drop of their latest effort Lost On Weekdays, Lonely By Sunday, I have the perfect excuse.

The early goings are quite strong as they play their way through Sit Still, with its enjoyable melody, nifty guitar chords and lovely vocals on hand to accommodate the listeners. Edith is laidback and whimsically misty in tone; the sound where Life Model shine their best; while also being accompanied by an utterly addictive chorus which will guarantee the words “backseat driver” won’t leave your head for days. The mood remains in a similar vein with Saskia, and the lyrics nail the emotional investment.

Walking Backwards is beyond lucid and luminous to begin with, donning such a fixating, velvety atmosphere which is only strengthened by the fantastic harmonies, then it transforms into something harder and ruggeder in the closing moments with a wave of distorted riffs, and they deliver one last dose of beauty with the tender and luring Blue.

Life Model’s newest record is undeniably their best work to date. Just about every element clicks here, and it’s so effective in whisking you away into a better place for its entire duration, bringing you back in a better and more comfortable state of mind.

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