Saving Jackie: It’s Critical – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

Since making their grand slam return in 2019, Texas rap-rock veterans Saving Jackie have had measurable success re-emerging into the spotlight and drawing new fans while maintaining the long-time supporters, and their greatest triumph yet following their homecoming has undoubtedly come in the form of their latest album, It’s Critical.

The title track is a bopping opener that kickstarts the energy to thrilling levels as soon as possible. It helps that Jenny is passionately feisty on the mic, and the chorus is a solid and catchy one.

Breaking Doors has a rougher and extra aggressive touch to it thanks to the rumbling bass tones and considerably more callow guitar riffs, and the highly devoted lyrics match up equally well.

Outlet, in the midst of some rad solos, emphasises the importance of trying that safe space to cleanse your bottled up negativity, and the tasty hook-riddled Sureness inspires to persevere in the face of doubt and other opposing influences.

The theme of holding true to your beliefs has been majorly recurring throughout this record, and it’s no more relevant than with My Faith Is Larger, where Jenny makes it crystal clear she is proud of the person she is.

And lastly, the coupling My Everything and Silence The Storm are decent cuts with sweet beats that do their best to carry forth the buzz right up to the end.

A great result from the group with a batch of heavy bangers featuring engaging content that you don’t even need to be a person from a religious background to necessarily enjoy, as the messages are still positive, and besides, you get plenty of sick grooves to keep you entertained anyway.

Sound-wise, it can be limiting, and it does begin to run a little out of steam in the later moments, but the faults aren’t that big of a deal, for the album as a whole is a mighty fine listen.

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