AiiTee: Better Days – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

At the time of writing this, AiiTee is fresh off cracking the longlist for the 2021 SAY award with her 2020 album Love Don’t Fall, but interestingly, my introduction to the stunning Scottish Nigerian artist came mere days beforehand with her most recent release: the Better Days EP, which in of itself deserves similar praise and attention.

Within a few seconds of proceeding into On My Way, AiiTee fires off with some spectacularly forceful and impassioned harmonies which couldn’t possibly not wow you and keep you sat down with laser-eyed focus, and also helping matters is the excellent beat and the great liberating lyrics.

Rip is a pleasantly chilled interlude with Omo Dada adding a solid contribution through his interesting verses, and while the autotune is a little too emphasised, Let Go is nevertheless a fresh and melodic RnB cut.

To Better Days steps it up yet another gear with such an infectiously catchy rhythm, on top of the positive vibes floating around in the air that work their way into your senses during the song’s trip back to fond, nostalgic memories.

Afterwards, the pace is settled tremendously for the gorgeous Ain’t Too Far which is emotionally binding and features some of the best and most motivating writing, with the line touching upon the sky not being the limit while there are footprints on the moon ranking as the highlight.

And finally we cap off on a bewitching high note with Heavy Shakara, defined by an elating energy, amazing hooks, good instrumentation, and Chef’s memorable guest spot.

Better Days is simply wonderful and enchanting, proving that AiiTee is more than capable of carving a place for herself in the mainstream charts should the opportunity arise. Here’s hoping that her SAY award nomination is only the beginning…

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