Dominicide: The Architecture Of Oppression – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

Fresh out of lockdown, a tonne of acts have made their way back into the radar in glorious fashion with so much to prove. Glaswegian deathly thrashers Dominicide are no different, and they’ve cranked out a belter of an EP with The Architecture Of Oppression.

Before they even give you a chance to bloody get comfortable in your seat, they rip apart your eardrums with a hefty wave of noise, kicking off The Enpowered, and just about everything clicks here: the vocals are stout as hell, the rhythm sections are mental, the guitars are deliciously chaotic, and the writing is on top form.

Following on from a neat choral introduction, the boys move onto The Orchestraitors (ha!), and the immense strength of their united performances remain strong; in fact, you could argue they are even better, with an added stark viciousness to the singing in particular, the riff solos batted out with such an unbridled insanity, and the general scope being elevated to an ooft-worthy degree.

Theocracy frequently switches the dial between blistering high-tempo sequences and brute marching sections rattling with a thick intensity, while the lyrics do enough to grab your attention in amongst the unfolding madness, and Reincarnate makes for a staggering climax that races to the finish in epic style.

If you’re in the market for something that’s heavy as f*ck, Dominicide are definitely your ticket, because this EP is a heck of a gut-punching rush.

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