Swim School: Making Sense Of It All – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

Swim School were introduced to me via a support slot at a King Tuts show a few years back. I hadn’t heard of them beforehand – in fact, they were still pretty fresh onto the scene, if memory serves me right – but I would really dig them and take note that a strong potential future was theirs for the taking. In the present day, that certainly rings true, and nothing showcases just how fantastic they are more so than the Making Sense Of It All EP.

Let Me Inside Your Head makes for one of the most red-hot openers in all of 2021, kicking arse with its ravishing melody, bloody awesome chorus, and overall mind-blowing scope. Anyway is astonishingly catchy as all hell with its amazing lyrical hooks, while Alice’s superb singing makes a tight imprint.

Everything You Wanted has a majestically stunning, stripped back air which encapsulates your ears, with the nice writing seeping through in the process. The initial energy returns to the fray in an electrifying fashion with the cosmically rhythmic, hard-beating See Red, with Outside afterwards blowing you away with dazzling guitar riffs and such to send you home happy.

Not only is this one of the most stellar and satisfying debut records of the year, it’s also handily ranks among the best Scottish releases in recent memory. Every song is unforgettable with a blinding punch to them all, the performances are next level, and it’s registered by a marvellously spotless production.

Edinburgh is home to some smashing acts, but Swim School are fast emerging as candidates for the best of the capital right now, and if more content like this is on the way, then their destinies are more or less set in stone.

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