Erin Vivers Ferguson: Who Are You To Tell Me – SMALL MUSIC SCENE

Falkirk artist Erin Vivers Ferguson is somebody I’ve admired for a few years now since she impressed me at King Tuts one sunny afternoon, and I feel like she doesn’t get the spotlight that she deserves, but with the release of her new EP – Who Are You To Tell Me – I have the ideal justification to glorify her and give her that extra bit of attention.

The title tune kicks things off on a buzzing note, serving as a bright and inspiring pop rock ballad that can spark a fire within even the most cynical of folks. Choked has its qualities but struggles from the mixing, with the melody and the rhythm not matching up well altogether. Thankfully, that’s a brief bump on the road as things get back on track with The Call, an elegantly flowing piece with nice lyrics, neat guitar chords and fine synths on hand.

And then we get the indisputable highlight of the record – Hug – a beautifully wholesome and heart-warming but also emotional and eye-welling number bringing to the forefront the all-too-relatable need for a helping hand in the dreariest and most uncertain of times.

But with the dark comes the light, and as such, the tide turns and the music switches up to a positive and inspiring tone for the wonderful finale, Everything, leaving you with a newfound sense of aspiration and motivation.

Not surprisingly, Erin has come out with a successful result right here; granted, it has one or two minor flaws, but they’re not worth dwelling over when she’s batting out with a series of memorable, long-staying songs.

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