FROST*Day & Age

The repeatedly lauded veterans of the English scene return to deliver their 4th album, where they continue to stamp their mark and show just why they are considered to be ranked so highly.

Commencing with a young girl sassily hurling abuse, the guys dive into a collection of superlative numbers with an endless list of positive qualities: gutsy singing, superb guitars, grooving bass lines, tight drumming, dazzling soundscapes, magnetic lyrics and an all-around bold energy.

Despite the songs being complex and at times on the lengthy side, they never fail to let your interest slip; you are completely mesmerised by the music, and by the end, you’re done experiencing an extraordinary masterwork with an awe-inspiring cinematic scope that is certain to stick with you, ensuring you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.


CMAGIC5Ready To Run

The young yet already well experienced Canadian star is taking her country and the world of social media by storm as of late, and judging by her impressive freshly recently debut album, it’s not a shock in the slightest.

It comes loaded with pure pop dazzlers with elements of R&B and dance scooted in there to, tackling a mixture of mature topics and featuring inspiring, positively upholding lyrics. If that wasn’t enough, we also get spoiled by superb vocal work and insanely addictive choruses that will definitely appeal to a mainstream audience easily.

As a first full-length record is concerned, this is how it’s done, and there’s certainly a heap of promise lurking with this artist who is going nowhere else but up at this rate.


RITUAL CLOAKDivine Invasions

The highly ranked Welsh duo are back with their 2nd release and they’ve produced another rich and highly engrossing product right here.

The sturdy bass-enhanced drum beats create a light yet still resonant rhythm serving as the general foundation for an album which becomes defined by a majestic grand size.

There’s so much here; haunting piano keys, compelling ringing electronics, loose and bright high-pitched synths, refined guitar chords and occasionally the addition of ambient environmental bytes to provide another layer to the already broad scope.

Even here and there, vocals come into play and they’re pretty good too. The mood is always changing and evolving, ranging between calm and collected, eerily brooding, positively melodic and just straight up rocking.


HOT BREATHRubbery Lips

The Swedish hard rock troupe generate this ridiculously infectious energy that will undoubtedly get you in a wicked frenzy.

The singing is superb and has a pure fire behind it that only elevates the excitement levels, the guitars are blazing, the basslines are quite groovy, and the drumming on great form, and holy moly, the choruses are flat out awesome, being so catchy and memorable and all around vivid.

This is a simply electrifying record, and seriously, the world really needs more acts like this band who bring forth such a feverish enthusiasm that is beyond words.


STONED IMMACULATEI Mean, That’s What I Mean, You Know What I Mean?

Wow, that’s a mouthful. Last year, the boys made a solid statement with their previous Nah EP, and now they’re back to please us some more.

The loose, easy-paced rhythms don cool beats pushing them along, while being decorated by solid vocals, good riffs, neat bass rumbles, and in the final piece a likeable piano/strings combo, and the writing is entertaining too.

Their sound blends elements of indie and punk, with even a distinct dash of country lingering in the latter pair of tunes, and there’s a few sequences where they escalate the tempo and shine with a contagious energy, which is where the band really deliver at their peak.


HEAVYMAN – Beautiful Place

A classic American blues-rock vibe paints the London outfit’s record and is delivered in a smashing manner.

The vocals are incredibly fervent and chock full of personality, the riffs are supreme, churning out an array of bloody good solos, and the rhythms are beyond addictive, being so catchy and groovy and forcing your body into an irresistible sway.

Beautiful Place is total dynamite; all the way through it’s nothing short of a blistering, infectious experience that comes absolutely recommended for those who fancy themselves a real positive rush.



Ohio hard rockers kill it with this EP, loaded to the brim with impassioned vocals aided by mighty growling screams, really forcible rhythms that shake you to the core while the guitarists show off some dynamic riff displays, hefty choruses, and palpable lyrics.

One hell of a debut that only impresses me more with every subsequent listen. These guys mean serious business, and you can expect them to make a big impact in the American scene very soon.


LEXXI VONNE – Aquarian Age

To begin with, Lexxi provides some dark electro-pop pieces notable for her stunning voice as well as a tingling atmosphere in the environment courtesy of the spacious, mesmerising sound, and the lyrics are intriguing as well

She then proceeds to switch it around for a batch of catchy dance tracks that get you bopping your head along, thus proving to be pretty accomplished in dishing out both styles where required.


THE DISTRACTORSSubversiv Dekadent

The Belgian rockers’ debut album brings us songs highlighted by enjoyable, often humorous lyrics. They’re also quite short and to the point without ever outstaying their welcome, they throw out just the perfect amount of content.

The great rhythms are defined by an energetic bounce which stays consistent and are bundled with fun hooks, at times with a distinct tinge of raw punk squeezed in, and the rugged vocals are usually on solid form.

There’s certainly a couple of shaky spots that could have been tightened up, I won’t lie, but on the whole, it’s a satisfying first effort.



The case is often that the guys will rock at a steady mid-tempo during the verses, engaging the listener while elevating the anticipation, then at the perfect moment, kick it into full gear with the fervent choruses, throwing quite the fair amount of vitality behind their performances as they go.

Great riffs, big rhythms and solid writing on hand make for a fun romp overall from the Glasgow unit.


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