SMS | Hadda Be – Another Life

Apathy is a scorching opener flowing with this infectious buzz that hits a marvellous peak, complete with a rapid onslaught of drums. Catch It On The Fall mixes in an ounce of dreamy substance, forging a sound still melodic but with a loose, silky quality underneath.

The title number is short and slick, while Take It Away reduces the tempo for the most easy-going of the lot so far, which also features some neat bass tones and solid writing, but it all kicks back up into high gear with the bloody phenomenal Wait In The Dark, donning an unbelievable chorus and a distinctly punky splash of colour, especially with Amber’s grittier vocals, the aggressive guitars and the overall manic pace to the whole thing.

Suddenly, it’s another shift in style moving onto the sweet, lightweight Unknown Places, and there’s a fine dram of riffs in the fairly bouncy This Won’t Get Well. So It Goes is a spellbinding stripped back piece spearheaded by Amber’s lovely singing, and the atmosphere is further boosted by the enticing acoustics, gentle piano keys and very warm secondary harmonies.

Fire and Almost Over are another pair in a long line of fun and exciting entries to this point, and last but certainly not least is Nurse’s Song, perhaps the most powerful and poignant on this record, with Amber painting a vivid picture of her all too important role working as part of the NHS and the many difficulties that are to be endured, but at the end of the day, it’s so worth it, and folk on the frontline such as herself are to be celebrated and, beyond all else, supported.

Hadda Be were discovered by yours truly back in their Foundlings days, and it must be said that the Brighton/London indie pop outfit have elevated to a whole new level here. Another Life is an extraordinary album where every single track makes a significant impact, bound collectively by a variety of stylings; all of which are executed excellently; that create an altogether engaging journey that is enjoyably and unforgettably out of this world.


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