SMS | Post Coal Prom Queen – PCPQ

Tomorrow’s Garden opens up on a lucid vibe, taking it at a calm pace while supplying a lovely dose of warm, endearing synths and far-out electronic tones that perfectly match up with Lily’s familiarly soft and divine voice.

Next is Salt, an utterly stunning piece that, as these two have successfully accomplished in the past, dives into the dark and tragic subject matter of the climate and how we’re headed for an inevitable doom, but conveyed in a beautiful, comforting manner that eases that sense of dread and panic, plus the chorus is so infectious

Following that is something, until this point, I never thought could possibly exist in this dimension: a post-apocalyptic dance banger, but Wait, Wait! Dig proves otherwise. As the band’s first time dipping their toes in the water of this kind of material, they succeed in spades, with this being an insanely bright and catchy track with a pumping beat that gets you all buzzing.

Then they return to a recognisable fray with the final song, Faraday Cage For One, another silky tune littered with appealing keys, a dreamy ambience and Lily’s wonderful vocal chops.

This is now the 4th release I’ve covered featuring this pair in some capacity since I began my career in amateur music critique, and they just continue to impress and amaze me in their ability to always evolve and develop their content, constantly changing and diverting routes to create something unique every time.

The PCPQ EP showcases Post Coal Prom Queen’s repeated innovation with a set of dazzling, distinct tracks that draw you in slowly then take you on an astonishing, high-flying ride before settling for a fulfilling conclusion. It is guaranteed to quench the thirst of long-time fans while pleasing any curious newcomers who happen to pass by.


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