SMS | Robi Mitch – Future Perfect

Golden Hour is a pretty neat way to start, inducing you into this dreamy indie pop essence with the use of shiny reverbed vocals, easy acoustic strums and subtle bass notes. One insanely delightful interlude titled My Friend Robi later, and we’re on to Can’t Win, another whimsical tune that drifts along to a nice and steady melody.

Brother instantly nabs your attention with a vividly surreal sound before transforming into an absolutely contagious piece highlighted by the most stupendously catchy chorus imaginable. Seriously, if I had the capacity, I’d be squeezing this onto the big radio chart playlists, it’s just that bloody good.

Robi eventually slows it down for the funky, tantalising Close / Closer. Bike / Endless Summer is incredibly similar in that regard, ticking those same boxes plus with the addition of thoughtful, absorbing lyrics, and we certainly get more of that in the heartfelt follow-up, Goodbye Everything, further highlighted by stellar guitar displays.

The casually paced Bone Dry has a great hook attached, and Loving You is quite wholesome and charming. Next is a quick, stunning instrumental reprise of Golden Hour, and then we close out with the spine-chilling 400 Buffalo.

Robi Mitch was introduced to myself without me having a speck of prior knowledge about him, but oh man, I wish I had discovered the Bristol artist earlier because he has undeniable talent, and this album is proof of that. Future Perfect is diverse; switching regularly between blissfully warm and utterly infectious; each of the songs rank with quality, and leaves you craving for more.

I’m not going to mince words here, Robi Mitch has real potential, and I badly want to see him rise up the ranks, succeed, and be exposed to a wider audience, because he deserves it and the public right now are missing out.


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