SMS | DreamKids – DreamKids

DreamKids get an infectious pulse glowing from the moment they kick off with Only God Knows If My God Is Real, a catchy rocker that has a consistent energy, a hell of a catchy chorus, and plenty of sweet hooks to spare throughout. Stay Safe With Me rolls the pace down a touch, this time gratifying with an incredibly smooth and glossy melody while Dawn, as is her wont, draws us with her lovely harmonies that bring to life the sentimental lyrics.

ICU is pushed by a nice rhythm and solid riffs while the emotional status remains alive and well in the writing, then Child serves as both an effective instrumental interlude; going all out in the guitars and drumming; and a tight gateway into the finale, Mother, an outstanding number that is gloomy, invigorating and beautiful all at once, undoubtedly a case of saving the best for last.

Given their lucrative and illustrious history under the Mechanical Smile and Twin Heart guises, it was a secure assumption that the debut DreamKids record would be another noteworthy notch, and lo and behold, it is, heralding the duo’s next evolution with an engrossing collection of touching songs brimming with hefty feelings behind them.


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