SMS | Chaser – Dreamers

Fight Of Our Lives sets the theme for the album; a call to arms for everybody to take a stand and make their voices heard. From there, they’re off to the races, next tackling the current manic state of the planet, in more ways than one, through the fittingly rampant 2020, but in contrast, there’s a greater sense of positivity vibing from Good Times, which especially comes through the sanguine vocal performances and the spirited rhythm.

Signs Of Life is an immensely catchy banger guaranteed to get any sensible person in an intoxicated frenzy, and the riffs have a notable oomph behind them in A New Direction. The Ripper is another rocking beast that flies at a scorching tempo with an unbridled stout strength, further elevated by a couple of brief yet juicy guitar solos and the tight bassline/drumming combo; the latter element being the focal point of the similarly thrilling Echoes.

The title number features inspiring writing that gets you feeling good and buzzing to pursue something you desire to define your life. Yet another pairing of palpable cuts emitting heaps of zest come next in the form of Break The Chain and Always With You. The relatable (and mighty energetic) Only Human digs well into how we’re all bound to make mistakes, and in such an event, we should just learn to move on and not wallow in the past.

Something In The Water gets stuck in your head with its ridiculously addictive hooks, and finally See You At The Show looks ahead to the future with the impending return of live music now on the horizon after such a long and draining year, and just how much it means to the guys, and everyone else for that matter.

This is Chaser’s 5th rodeo and they charge on full steam ahead with another lofty addition to their discography. From bell to bell, Dreamers is a tremendous, electrifying album that ranks as a major highlight of the skatepunk genre in 2021.



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