SMS | Rachel Jack – Magazine Girls

From practically the first second, Rachel dives straight into the optimal material with the title track, a stellar pop number that features some excellent writing discussing how the manipulative media tend to wrongly enforce a very specific image that women should adhere to in order to achieve success and popularity in life.

From there, she continues to go from strength to strength starting with Warrior, which has such a delicious beat with amplified bass tones under the surface, and the lyrics contain an affirmed sense of independence and self-respect.

The heavily topical, and tragically relatable for many, Stop is where Rachel takes a stand against men who don’t care much for observing boundaries and are too hungry to get their own way, and this is well reflected in the sharp and poignant vocals, and the loving For You is another catchy banger that ends the EP with a lofty slam.

When I was introduced to Rachel Jack through her debut The Calgary Tapes last year, I realised this was somebody special, but holy moly, leading to and after the release of Magazine Girls, she has upped her game like crazy.

This is a premium record where every song hits the mark on all accounts; great performances, a slick production, and above everything, impactful content; that has truly established Rachel as one of the top-tier artists currently hailing from the Aberdeen area.


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