SMS | Courting – Grand National

The boys get going with the blitzing title track that is firing on all cylinders right from the off, featuring a mix of candid lyrics, blunt vocals and a raw, buzzing rhythm that gets you properly bouncing with excitement, especially with the whirlwind smack dab in the middle.

Seamlessly, they saunter along into the next number, Popshop, where the drumming gets a simple yet addictive beat on the go, and while lighter by nature, it still keeps the energy running nicely, with much of that owing to, again, the frankness of the singing.

More of that plain cheekiness radiates through Crass, which is equipped with cracking riffs and cool basslines, and the intensity levels are constantly rising towards a strong finish, and then we come to Slow Burner, which fittingly enough lives up to its namesake, grooving at a stable pace to start with, then as expected unleashing into a flurry of bloody berserk chaos.

A job well done from Courting; the Grand National EP kills it with a series of belters that are short and to the point but damn entertaining and memorable, pretty much cementing the reason why the Liverpool punk lads are being put on the map as of late in the midst of a bustling national scene.



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