SMS | Flinch – Enough Is Enough

Staring At The Broken Cornicing breaks the ice awfully nicely, majorly due to Beth’s lovely, velvety vocals that are just so tranquil to the senses. Now with you sitting comfortably, she proceeds on with Escape From Rupture Farms, a wonderful single with an addictive beat accompanying it.

February spawns goosebumps with its dreamy environment and sincere, nostalgia-itching lyrics, and that tiny little addition of the glockenspiel does wonders. Michael Scott and Sorry I Puked On You stay on course with that fixating mood of being caught up in the past, the latter making such a mighty emotional impression as Beth speaks freely and self-reflects.

After keeping you stuck in that trance, the energy comes back in How Do You Do It and its delightful riffs, and A Type features such a memorable, pleasing chorus with lyrics that get left wedged in your head. Thanks Ophelia is another appetizing lo-fi punk bop, and then we return to the truly hypnotic material through Just Because and especially Your Skin, soon easing out gently with the melancholy I Said You Could Have This.

I’ve never doubted Beth Black’s talents in the past, as demonstrated in her excellent contributions to the likes of Slowlight and 10AM, but under the Flinch banner, my respect for her as grown tenfold.

Enough Is Enough surpassed my expectations and I’ve only gotten fonder of it with every listen, it’s such a beautiful album that frequently tugs at the heartstrings and on more than one occasion toes the line of turning on the waterworks. I simply love it.


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