SMS | Seas, Starry – Anatomy

Skull / Tone / Skull kicks off on a faint note, patiently building and building up with further additions of several instruments as it goes, from a consistent looping riff, to ringing effects, to glockenspiel clinks and the like. In the latter third, we get our first taste of the decent harmonies as the intensity is continuously cranked up.

Now we really get into the swing of things with Stabbed In The Eyes, initially with an engaging, murmuring rhythm that suddenly develops into something coarser and more energised while the group fire out some bloody good, grooving guitar sequences, resounding bass chords and booming drum beats.

Nun The Wiser sticks to a more traditional format, for lack of a better description, but the buzz sure as hell hasn’t died down. In fact, this is straight up the best of the lot. The lead singing is sound, with the backing vocals ranging between dry, robotic tones and mighty yelling. Meanwhile, the melody comes alive in a frenzied carnage that is so fricking infectious and breath-taking.

Lastly we come to the extensive finale, New Ruins, which begins at ease with an ominous, reverberating rumble that is sustained for a fair amount of time while other elements are thrown in along the way comparably to the opener, and a nice sense of atmosphere is spawned and steadily expanded upon.

Seas, Starry have popped up in my radar once or twice in the past, although never with much in the way of lasting results. However, the Anatomy EP is a different story. The Aberdeen ambient-punk outfit have put together an enthralling package of tracks that nail a broad variety of moods and directions within a short duration. Whether steady and engrossing, or blitzing at a mental pace, it’s damn fine stuff.



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