SMS | Runrummer – Unconscious Meanings

No Point gets the EP rolling hot straight away with taps of the piano, cool electronic hums and a vivid beat, while Livi displays her as-per great vocal talents as she hits out with some solid lyrics. It’s Strange is similarly melodic and well-written, but here shining with a brighter vibe and an overall jubilant sensation.

Now we really get into the spicy goods moving into the second half, starting with Toronto, which is still in my mind Livi’s best work to date. It’s a bloody brilliant, high-octane banger that gets you buzzing with its bopping rhythm, proudly spouted writing and immensely awesome chorus.

That contagious elation remains fresh and hearty moving on to the final tune, I Like Getting High, another feverish track with juicy building verses that lead into fervent, hard-hitting hooks which could get the dancefloor of any club joining in.

And if by this period you’re feeling down that it’s over, you’ll be happy as Larry to discover that we’re treated to a bonus pair of smashing remixes; Tokota’s rendition of Toronto certainly mixes it up with trippy tingles, and Tommy Goes Harderrr transforms I Like Getting High into a near-8 minute belter that sounds like a dream.

3 years after her amazing debut, Runrummer has persisted in living up to her early promise with another show-stealing record. Unconscious Meanings takes the best elements of the first release and cranks those up several degrees; another notch to certify Livi Morris as one of the raddest electropop artists currently on the English scene.


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