SMS | Connor And The Wildfire – Songs From Flat 0/2


Literally right from the first note of Understanding Love, the quartet chock up the excitement and subsequently get you infused with an engagingly bright melody that is strengthened by the colourful guitar chords and Connor’s warm harmonies.

The energy is toned down a touch for the next track Distant Friend, where the heartening lyrics are simply to die for, making such a positive impression and pressing all the right emotional buttons.

Baby It’s Raining has a great sense of atmosphere and the instrumental performances are really strong, producing an almost palpable ballad-like number, and they maintain that enrapturing potency in the passionately gripping final song, Fog And The Deep Dark Blue.

This band are a worthy and very much welcomed addition to the bustling Scottish scene that folk should be keeping in their scopes, because this is a seriously promising introduction.


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